Custom Software

We provide tier 1 software development services covering mobile, web and desktop applications.


Our team has performed integrations across many types of systems including medical, financial and electronic component integrations.


BOS has seasoned resources in project management as well as Agile methodologies.


Take the Journey

Our team considers any project a mutual journey between client and BOS.  During the initial client interviews we will determine high level needs and then pair you with one of our account executives who will accompany you throughout the journey.  Each client has their own unique needs which makes each project very different,  BOS has taken the initiative to shorten development time by creating an extensive library of reusable components and processes giving our clients superior quality and on time.

Breakout Of The Mundane!

BOS wants to provide our clients with the most unique and cutting edge software on the market.  Let our experienced team help you bring your ideas to fruition.


Next Steps...

For software projects that are on-time, within budget and what you expected take the plunge and click the button!